Bright White Glow

$400 per person

2x Triple Treatments (1 week apart)

Our signature Bright White Glow treatment is recommended for heavy coffee drinkers and/or smokers.

This premium treatment is guaranteed to have your teeth 7 to 14 shades lighter post treatment.

If you wanted to book for a group of 3 or more, please go to Group Bookings for discounted prices.

Following your initial treatment, we recommend you consider a 10 week top up to ensure your teeth stay bright white for as long as possible.

If you book and prepay your top up Bright White Glow treatment at the time of your existing treatment, your top up treatment will be an additional $150.00 per person.

The Bright White Glow top up treatment will be administered as the Triple Treatment.

Please note that no two teeth are the same and individual results may vary.

We will endeavor to give you the best whitest results possible.


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